A Stepmother's Märchen

A Stepmother's Märchen
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    A Stepmother's Fairy Tale ; 어떤 계모님의 메르헨

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    Fantasy - Romance - Webtoon

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A Stepmother's Märchen Rating: 4.8/5 - 123 Votes.


The iron widow, the spider widow, male hunter, the witch of Neuwanstein castle, the embarrassment of noble ladies....... These were all the words used to describe the Marchioness, Suri Van Neuwanstein. Despite receiving such criticism from the world, she raised her 'children', who were unrelated to her by blood and were old enough to be called her siblings. And finally, on the day of the first son Jeremy’s wedding, she felt that all her hard work had tied all the loose ends together. But she had been terribly mistaken. After hearing the message requesting her to not attend the wedding, she got caught up in an accident and died while leaving the castle. But when she opened her eyes, she woke up on the day of her husband's funeral, seven years ago. I refuse to suffer any more. I won’t live as I had in the past a second time!

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Author Trả lời
Free HK Anonymous 5 days ago Chapter 64 Báo vi phạm
Theobald was so cute when he was young. That cardinal must have somehow twisted him to his current state... Even so, the cardinal taught him a good lesson this time though I did not want to admit. The cardinal is only 4 years older than the Theobald?? What a surprise. I thought he was much older.
Author Trả lời
Free HK Anonymous 5 days ago Chapter 63 Báo vi phạm
The fxck with the priest! He dared to ask for forgiveness from the victim after being part of the scheme that brutally killed her?! For the cardinal, it seemed that he schemed that not for gaining power but more for a personal grudge aginst the empire. He did not seem very power hungry from the drawings. Who knows, I could be wrong. Anyway, the cardinal should fxck off as well.
Author Trả lời
Freya Anonymous 6 days ago Chapter 64 Báo vi phạm
The main thing I'd like answered in this story is why is Shulli the spitting image of the late empress?????
Author Trả lời
el Anonymous 6 days ago Chapter 65 Báo vi phạm
well see u guys in 4 months emo
  • Author
    ! What Anonymous 6 days ago Report
Author Trả lời
Free HK Anonymous 18:56 03/20 Chapter 62 Báo vi phạm
Who would have guessed that Nora had also fallen in love with Shuli in the previous life when her reputation had not been that good? He probably was the only one who understood her the best. I cannot help but root out for him although l also want to root out for Jeremy seeing how he is like in the second life. 

By the way, wasn't it the second prince that Elias hit? Did it get mistranslated here?
Author Trả lời
vel Member 19:10 03/16 Chapter 60 Báo vi phạm
it just a ending of 1st life, in 2th life she doing well, this is just a memory
Author Trả lời
happy yolo Member 15:07 03/15 Chapter 62 Báo vi phạm
so this is a bad ending 
i do feel something sad
and deep down too
Author Trả lời
Watashi Anonymous 10:50 03/05 Chapter 61 Báo vi phạm
Oh, wow. Albercht is in trouble because you are an idiot. A big one.
Author Trả lời
idc Anonymous 22:26 03/01 Chapter 60 Báo vi phạm
umm is ths shuli past or the continue shuli reborn life i dont even unterstand just now they go to trip
  • Author
    Kiều Kaizen Member 12:35 03/05 Report
    I think her past before she come back in past, let read again. U ll see she died in the day her "fake" son'' s marrige and she died due to being murdered like those chap
Author Trả lời
idc Anonymous 22:23 03/01 Chapter 57 Báo vi phạm
hahaha hey creater what is this meaning i dont even unterstand
Author Trả lời
Cris05 Anonymous 08:18 02/16 Chapter 60 Báo vi phạm
BOYYY this chapter was so sad but soo good, the art is so cool and the expressions and the pain of the characters, you can feel them.
Author Trả lời
Cat Member 01:43 02/16 Chapter 60 Báo vi phạm
Author Trả lời
Minh Châu Member 19:20 02/15 Chapter 60 Báo vi phạm
Why!? 😢😭😭😢 Shuli really wanted to see Jeremy's wedding with the twins and Elias!! This supposed to be a joyful day!!
Author Trả lời
Hime Anonymous 15:18 02/15 Chapter 60 Báo vi phạm
This is so sad, Shuli really wanted to see the wedding and Jeremy, Elias and the twins wanted her there as well, to be a family in this joyous day only for it to be a tragedy at the end. So heartbreaking for them to lose her like this. 😭
  • Author
    Free HK Anonymous 20:57 02/15 Report
    Indeed. I thought Ohara also took part in the murder. As she was so shocked by the news, she was most likely innocent. Who would have thought the murder had been planned by all the higher ups within the church. Even the pope had been involved... They were so corrupted and disgusting! Why did Albert become the suspect? Don't tell me Jeremy killed him from his anger. I kind of like him though.

    The recent chapters are so dramatic. Jerely looked so handsome when he first showed up in this chapter. He also looked very menancing when Elias told him to start the ceremony. We got big contrasts of his expressions within this same chapter. I also look forward to seeing more of Nora.
Author Trả lời
Mellisa Member 11:29 02/05 Chapter 59 Báo vi phạm