Candy (WATANABE Asia)

Candy (WATANABE Asia)
Mature content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.


1) Candy
“How about some H-candy ~ 20% enhancement of your pleasure?” Said the candy-selling Hime to the seemly salary-man Shoji. “I’ll buy if you try them first.” Thus, begins a somehow cruel H session… Does the not-so-tender, handsome man care for Hime…!?
2) My Little Darling
Teacher Natsuo has taken on an extra job, waking up his cousin Ouji and getting him to school on time. Ouji's constant love attacks are putting a strain on their relationship. With Natsuo determined to resist, and Ouji trying to succeed, the love battle is on!
3) Say "I Love You" with Your Entire Body
Chiropractor Ishikawa has a secret: his skin is super sensitive, even the lightest touch makes him react with almost painful intensity. In fact, he's still a virgin! Maybe patient Odagiri can help Ishikawa get used to physical affection.
4) Bullying My Bunny
Yusa is in love with Waka, his vice-captain in soccer, but expressing his feelings is difficult. Waka pays attention to Yusa, but is he just being nice, or is there something more...?
5) Kiss Me Baby
6) The Pro Kisser
7) Madame Butterfly
8) Love's Hotcake

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