Daddy President Is Awesome

Daddy President Is Awesome
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A paper divorce was thrown in her face and forced to leave the house. Four years later, she returned with Meng Bao, her son. A few days later, the son brought back a super handsome guy who looked exactly like him. Gong Ye Xiao coldly threw a paternity (DNA test) to her, “Woman, when did you steal my sperm?” Cheng Li You’s anger, “Which bastard slept me four years ago and irresponsible?”

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Najee Desire Anonymous 11 days ago Báo vi phạm
Did this get dropped?
  • Author
    Unknown Anonymous 9 days ago Report
    No, it not dropped it's mangahua not updating it
Author Trả lời
kkk Anonymous 21 days ago Chapter 136 Báo vi phạm
Ugh, another bad woman!
Author Trả lời
II Member 28 days ago Chapter 133 Báo vi phạm
When is the next chapter 😩
Author Trả lời
P Anonymous 19:24 09/29 Chapter 124 Báo vi phạm
Author Trả lời
Liz Anonymous 18:19 08/17 Chapter 111 Báo vi phạm
This again
Author Trả lời
kkk Anonymous 07:41 08/13 Chapter 110 Báo vi phạm
that whore again
Author Trả lời
kkk Anonymous 19:42 08/03 Chapter 107 Báo vi phạm
ML, my deepest condolence
Author Trả lời
Hi Anonymous 15:30 07/23 Chapter 7 Báo vi phạm
Love it
Author Trả lời
Heather David Oevering Member 16:00 06/26 Chapter 95 Báo vi phạm
Oh the calling grandfather card stopped last chapter but she doesn't know that she is out i absolutely love this series
  • Author
    kkk Anonymous 19:42 06/26 Report
    Yeah since now grandpa supports his grandson !emo
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minh Anonymous 21:10 06/10 Chapter 90 Báo vi phạm
Việt Nam đâu giơ tay
  • Author
    kkk Anonymous 16:58 06/14 Report
    Co t
  • Author
    mui Anonymous 15:05 06/26 Report
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kkk Anonymous 21:13 05/19 Chapter 82 Báo vi phạm
The old man seems to not understand mother's love !
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potato Anonymous 16:51 04/28 Chapter 75 Báo vi phạm
First things first
i’m say all the things in side my head
i’m tired of the way that things have been oh oh
the way that things have been oh oh
youran that bitch you should just go and f*ck away
that old crappy grandpa you should go and get a brain
let the people who harm liyue burn in hell and feel the 
Author Trả lời
Lukas Anonymous 17:43 04/20 Chapter 37 Báo vi phạm
that child is way too smart, are we sure he is not a mc from some isekai/reicarnation manga? XDemo
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Dark Anonymous 10:06 03/23 Chapter 60 Báo vi phạm
Má chó nam9, đụ mẹ t lấy dao tán chetme mày
  • Author
    fuck boy Anonymous 10:58 04/07 Report
    Uk, t cũng ghét chó nam9 vl
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Sal Member 15:01 03/14 Báo vi phạm
So good :))