Kubo-san Doesn't Leave Me Be (a Mob)

Kubo-san Doesn't Leave Me Be (a Mob)
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    久保さんは僕(モブ)を許さない ; Kubo-san wa Boku (Mobu) wo Yurusanai ; Kubo-san Does Not Allow Me

  • Author(s)

    Yukimori Nene

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  • Genre

    Comedy - Romance - Seinen

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Shiraishi is a plain boy who is two hairs short from being invisible to his classmates and peers; in other words a "mob" character. Cue Kubo, his beautiful next-seat neighbor who always notices him and playfully experiments on him to gauge just how "invisible" he really is... and then she declares herself his "heroine".

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Leon DaVinci Anonymous 18:11 08/07/20 Chapter 35 Báo vi phạm
She got friendzone
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Ha ha Anonymous 10:44 07/16/20 Chapter 32 Báo vi phạm
It's end?
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Leo Anonymous 19:29 05/19/20 Chapter 24 Báo vi phạm
Thank ad
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Leo Anonymous 00:07 04/22/20 Chapter 21 Báo vi phạm
Very nice ad