My Darling Lion

My Darling Lion
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    Myダーリン・ライオン ; My Darling, Lion ; Myダーリン・ライオン ; Myダーリン(ハート)ライオン

  • Author(s)

    Hasebe Yuri

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  • Genre

    Romance - Shoujo

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Emily, a 23 year old woman, is a teacher at the local high school. She's smart, attractive and put together--well it would appear that way. What has been kept a secret however from everyone else is that she is actually married to Shishio--an 18 year old student in her class. Lots of hilarious circumstances ensue along with some romance and some real life issues between the couple.
The prequel book Atashi no Lion starts the series, and then it becomes My Darling Lion and continues on for 10 volumes.

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