Osusume Boyfriend

Osusume Boyfriend
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    オススメボーイフレンド ; A Recommended Boyfriend ; Osusume Boy Friend

  • Author(s)

    Ikuemi Ryou

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    Romance - School Life - Shoujo

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From Antebellum Scanlations:
At the start of high school, Takae fell in love with Araki. However, Araki just happens to be indifferent to love. Against her better judgement, she begins dating someone else, but that relationship turned out to be a big mistake...What will become of Takae's love!?
From JShoujo Scans
Includes an extra story:
"Yori-chan is Experiencing an Unrequited Love"
(Sequel to "Like Snow Falling on Harbor" from A Rose-Colored Tomorrow)
It's been over five years since Yori watched the car that his best friend and Kurita, the girl he was in love with, were riding crash into another car, leaving Kurita in a coma that she hasn't come out of since. His best friend, who had also been in love with Kurita then, has already moved on and found himself a new girlfriend.
For Yori though, time stopped that horrific day many years ago. Can his distant cousin, a spunky teenage girl who harbors a huge crush towards him, make him realize that it's time to let go?

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