Shen de Wanju - The World

Shen de Wanju - The World
  • Alternative

    神的玩具—THE WORLD— ; 神様のオモチャ—THE WORLD— ; God's Toys—THE WORLD—

  • Author(s)

    Yu Pin Han

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  • Genre

    Fantasy - Shounen

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'HP' is commonly used in games to represent the life remaining in certain things, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the 'HP' of other things? Huang, able to see the 'HP' of everything in the earth, in his eyes, he sees that the 'HP' of the earth is about to reach zero. Facing this world which is on the verge of death, Huang, with the girl accompanying him, Miu, will they destroy or save the world?

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