The Antagonistic Goddess Attacks

The Antagonistic Goddess Attacks
The Antagonistic Goddess Attacks Rating: 4.8/5 - 19 Votes.


An adaptation of Mo Leng's novel: Quick-transmigration system: Antagonistic boss attacks. It's said the plots of quick-transmigration systems are classified as: normal-hard-hell-goddess. Beating up white lotuses, trampling on scum men, using unpredictable means of revenge...see how a goddess makes them tremble in fear, fleeing in all directions. However this time, why is he not dodging or hiding, instead sticking to me? "Because this time, I want you to fall in love with me."

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M Fae Member 17 days ago Chapter 42 Báo vi phạm
LOL that last line, he completely, and correctly implied that the only company she needs on the trip is for XD
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A Anonymous 00:22 01/11 Chapter 24 Báo vi phạm
Wait! Have "The End"?
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    A Anonymous 00:23 01/11 Report
    Or not yet end that but have still continue of chapters?
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kuro mirai Member 12:14 01/10 Chapter 24 Báo vi phạm
Sad.... 😭😭😭😭
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Hikaruhiromi95 Anonymous 11:53 11/26/20 Chapter 18 Báo vi phạm
What the heck? Who do you think are?😬
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Quocbao Le Member 12:30 09/13/20 Báo vi phạm